Extra Credit Page

I encourage my students to take responsibility for their grades. In my class you can earn any grade you want, even if you are a poor test taker. You can raise your grade on any assignment or test by 10% by earning extra credits. Each credit is worth a 10% increase on the grade earned on any test or assignment. The amount of extra credits available is unlimited. Students may suggest their own independent study extra assignments for teacher approval. The following extra credit assignment have already been approved.

1. Complete a reading study guide for a chapter. It is recommended that this be done prior to the chapter test, but full credit will be given even if completed after the chapter test.

2. Visit the Downing Planetarium and write a one page report about what you learned. There are various one hour shows, and you can receive credit for each show you write about. For more informition, click on the link below.

Downing Planetarium